As Lettices I am on a mission to make plant based, super tasty food, affordable, accessible and easy.

Having been vegetarian all my life and more recently vegan I have always been a foodie and enjoyed experimenting with foods. As a keen baker I had a reputation as a wedding and party cake maker and I was considering this as a career.

When I became vegan I became even more interested in food science and experimenting and began developing my own meat and cheese analogues. My travels to Thailand, Cambodia and Bali showed me other countries who were vigorously encouraging plant based foods both in their restaurants and grocery stores. This led me towards founding a company that produces the sort of exciting plant based foods  that people who are cutting down on their dairy and meat consumption or transitioning to a plant based diet or of course vegans will enjoy. Lettices was born!

Thank you for the fantastic styling and photos of all the Lettices food products

Set design – Amy Friend
Still life stylist – Grace Poulter
Interior and still life photographer – Thomas Baker
Photographer – Emma Engkvist

Graphic design, website and marketing team – JGM Design