Your Questions Answered

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Are you a vegan company?
Of course! We are a proud, vegan owned and run business even including our design and marketing team.

How do I place an order?
You can place orders through the website. You will get a confirmation email with a reference number. Please use this if you get in contact.

Where do you ship?
We ship throughout the UK and aim for next day delivery where possible, in some remote areas it may take an extra day, please feel free to contact us to discuss your area.

What if I’m out on the day my parcel is due?
Lettices items must be refrigerated upon arrival. If you cannot be home to receive the items at the time of delivery we suggest having the order shipped to your work address, or to a family member, friend or a friendly neighbour who can place your items into proper refrigeration promptly upon arrival. There is an ORDER NOTES box at the checkout – you can leave special instructions such as ‘leave on porch’ but we are not responsible for items that are left out and cannot guarantee the courier will consider this to be a safe place to leave it.



What to do when my package arrives?
As soon as your parcel arrives please put all the food in the fridge, this will mean that the cheese can firm up again. You can put the meats, Camembear Spread and Smokey Bakon Spread in the freezer if you want them to last longer.

£4.99 Delivery cost?
As we’re a small, artisan company the actual delivery cost is £9.55 per box. We understand that this is not competitive in comparison to larger food delivery corporations and so we subsidise this by £4.56 ourselves. It’s a flat rate shipping cost so that you can order several items per £4.99 delivery charge (the maximum we can fit into a box is about 20 cheeses or 30 meats).

Can I buy Lettices food in any shops?
Not yet. We are still a very young business but do have massive plans. If you would like our products in a particular store please tell them and point the store our way.