Cottage Please


Plant based, cottage please!

Dairy free Artisan tofu based alternative to cheese.

Contains soya.

This cottage cheese is perfect for your salad and potatoes, very high in tofu making it extra yum!



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Allergens: Contains Soya & mustard powder. Gluten free. May contain nuts.

Directions: Can be eaten cold with just about everything …!

Ingredients: Firm Pressed Cauldron Tofu, Pure Soymilk (Organic soya beans & filtered water), Lettices Mayomazing, Fresh Lemon Juice, Salt.  

Lettices Mayomazing – (Pure Soymilk [Organic Soya beans & filtered water], Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Light Brown Sugar, Ground Mustard, Salt, White Pepper, Kala Namak, Vegetable Oil).  

Storage: Keep refrigerated, shelf life 1 week. Do not freeze. 




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